Summary of Significant Events in Donald Trump’s Life

Please greet our new president. On Election Day (November 8, 2016), what everyone believed to be unthinkable became a reality. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, won the majority of Electoral College ballots, and was elected the 45th President of the United States against all odds and contrary to all forecasts.

While this was a pivotal point in Trump’s life, Trump had earned a notoriety for himself long before he decided to run for president. Some people recognize Trump for his highly profitable company, The Trump Organization, which possesses a vast portfolio of opulent real estate properties in numerous countries.
Others recall Trump for his contributions to the casino industry or for his catchphrase, “You’re fired,” from The Apprentice.

Everyone has their own opinion about President Donald Trump, and we have no intention of swaying yours. We are here to share with you everything we know about Donald Trump, including information about his family, business endeavors, bankruptcies, and the arduous path he endured to become President of the United States. In this extensive biography, we cover all of this and more.

Early Life Activities

Before commenting on President Donald Trump as he is today, we must first examine his past to better understand who he is. 14 June 1946, in Queens, New York, Donald John Trump was born to Frederick C. and Mary MacLean Trump. He was the fourth child among five, with two brothers and two sisters.

Donald Trump began his formal education at Kew Forest School in Forest Hills, New York. At the age of thirteen, Trump’s parents sent him to the New York Military Academy in Upstate New York. Not only did he excel in the classroom at his new school, but he also emerged as a star athlete. He was president of the school’s varsity baseball team in addition to playing varsity football and soccer.

Trump graduated at the top of his class in 1964, then matriculated at Fordham University for two years before transferring to Wharton School of Business. In addition to the required coursework, he took accounting, finance, and mortgage classes to acquire as much information as feasible. In 1968, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He was now prepared to begin working full-time for his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump and Son, whose primary focus was providing rental residences for middle-class families in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
Trump values the time he spent working alongside his father, knowing that he would not be the man he is today without him.






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