Slot Machines and Casinos by Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint is the developer to go to if you’re looking for games with interesting histories. The Gauselmann Group holds a stake in Blueprint, a company that provides high-quality content for online casinos in the form of innovative and engaging slot machines.



Its library of games boasts cutting-edge visuals and play mechanisms that are sure to excite gamers of all skill levels. This is why so many gambling establishments have Blueprint games set up in their waiting areas.

Origins of Blueprint Games


The Gauselmann Group in Germany is to thank for the buzz surrounding upcoming Blueprint Gaming titles. Owner Paul Gauselmann got his start in the entertainment industry in 1957 as a jukebox operator, and another 20 years later he created the first gaming club.


His initial focus was on arcade machines, and the success of his business can be traced in large part to this product line. Gauselmann’s reputation was boosted as his machines found their way into casinos around Europe.


The developer’s reputation increased in the years that followed, and by 2014, two million slot machines bearing the company’s name had been manufactured in Germany. Between 2015 and 2017, Gauselmann Group was also recognized as one of the best places to work. In 2001, when businesses realized they needed a means to build software for use online, the Blueprint brand was born.


Blueprint has continued to rise to prominence in the online gaming industry in the same way that Gauselmann did in the land-based gaming industry by focusing on interactive slot machines with excellent bonus rounds, the potential of free play mode, inventive designs, and more. If you’ve ever signed up for an online casino, chances are you’ve also played a Blueprint game.

Introduction to Blueprint Gaming Casinos


The Blueprint Gaming software can be found at the casinos’ virtual reception areas. Because of this, it has become a highly sought-after software company. Because Blueprint Gaming only produces the very best in casino games, you can rest assured that your time spent there will be thoroughly enjoyable.


It’s safe to assume that several of the top 10 online casinos on our list also offer games by Blueprint Gaming. And that right there is evidence of the firm’s influence amongst online service providers. The brand’s continued success over time is another plus.


If a casino offers games from this developer, then it has to be one of the top options out there. Blueprint Gaming’s new releases are always a welcome addition to any casino, and they guarantee that you’ll get a lot more out of your money.


Please remember that Blueprint allows online casinos to provide basic slots with progressive jackpots and to integrate these games into their lobby areas. The Jackpot King series includes multiple games from this developer, and they never fail to offer some welcome variety.

An Overview of Online Slots by Blueprint Gaming


This software company has been around for quite some time, and throughout that time they have developed over 250 different slot games. Compared to the industry standard of roughly 96%, the RTP for these games is impressively high at around 96.25%.


Furthermore, the games feature amazing underlying concepts. Therefore, if you’re looking for a game based on the Vikings, Halloween, Christmas, fairies, fish, genies, or anything else, Blueprint can probably provide it. And you may immerse yourself in some pop culture through its fantastic branded games.


Blueprint is interesting since it goes against the grain of other developers who have chosen to focus solely on making video slots. There is a collection of games that adhere to a more conventional layout, with three reels and symbols reminiscent of fruit machine games of yore.


This undoubtedly contributed to Blueprint’s success and popularity by adding a little variety to the company’s internet efforts. Additionally, several of its games now feature the Megaways to win courtesy to a license it purchased from Big Time Gaming.

Blueprint Gaming’s Crucial New Alliance


Blueprint Gaming’s collaboration with Big Time Gaming is one of their most successful partnerships to date. As a result, the company can add the innovative Megaways feature to its slot machines. This collaboration started in early 2021.


Challenges Presented by Blueprint Gaming Titles

We hate it when games break down in the middle of our playthroughs. However, there are occasions when technology doesn’t cooperate, and problems such as frozen screens and games that won’t move occur. If this happens with a game from Blueprint Gaming, you’ll need to get in touch with the casino’s support staff.


They have been thoroughly prepared to handle software problems, and if the complaint needs to be escalated further, they will do it on your behalf. You should never, ever try to get in touch with Blueprint Gaming about these issues.


Is it advisable to play at Blueprint Gaming casinos and slot machines?

Slots and online casinos powered by Blueprint Gaming are reviewed. Games from this developer consistently deliver a good time because to their high-quality visuals, interesting themes, engaging bonus features, and flexible betting options.


Bonuses are a common feature at casinos that use Blueprint software, and this only adds to the allure of the games provided by this company. Blueprint has survived for so long because it consistently delivers on its promise to provide exciting and engaging casino games.

FAQs for Blueprint Gaming


Do I have to pay to play slots by Blueprint Gaming?


You can play Blueprint games for free or for real money, depending on your preference.


Where can I get the most out of my gambling with Blueprint Gaming?


To see the most recent and finest casino bonuses, just come back to our website.


Is there a secret to winning at slots with Blueprint Gaming?


No. Blueprint Gaming’s slots, like those of any other developer, feature random number generators. You can’t use any methods to gain an advantage over these, as they provide truly random results after every spin. Instead, you should employ a strategy for responsible gambling whenever you play a slot machine developed by Blueprint Gaming.






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